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Cannabidiol News Sept 28 2020

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In an effort to rein in this industry, Powell Police Chief Roy Eckerdt encouraged Sen. R.J. Kost (R-Powell) to draft “21LSO-0088,” agriculture, state, and public lands and water resources committee bill that prohibits the processing, possession, and retail sale of smokable hemp along with CBD food and beverage products. CBD oils would be excluded from this action.


Hyasynth (CNW Group/Hyasynth Biologicals Inc.)
Extraction from YEAST
Hyasynth’s fermentation process takes less than one week to complete, making it 12 times faster than production by cannabis or hemp plants. Fermentation is a traditional manufacturing process for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products. A widely known example of this process is the production of insulin by bacteria. Unlike other production methods, fermentation results in natural, bio-based products and final ingredients that are pesticide and GMO-free.

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