champions and Legends CBD

champions and legends CBD

At Champions + Legends (C+L) we know what it takes to become legendary. We know the blood, sweat, and tears that come with the journey. We know the dedication and resilience it takes to keep going, to push past doubt and fear, and to ultimately emerge victorious. We are committed to a systematic process to improve every day and we define success by our ability to prepare, perform, recover, and repeat.

champions and Legends CBD


Sara is known for her buoyant personality and strong sense of integrity. She remains a crowd favorite at every competition she participates in, garnering massive cheers from her legion of fans worldwide and serving as an inspiration to girls and women everywhere she goes. Sara fully embraces being a role model, taking the responsibility seriously, saying: “I definitely want other girls to understand it’s OK to be strong… That’s my why. It’s why I do this.”

Ever since she burst onto the competition circuit in 2015, Crossfit champion Sara Sigmundsdóttir has been redefining speed, strength, and athleticism for a generation of fans and athletes alike. Through her trademark combination of intense focus and genuine lightheartedness, Sara has emerged as a role model for athletes of different backgrounds, regardless of gender.


James possesses the heart of a champion who cannot be beaten. Through his continued pursuit of excellence, his legendary status continues to grow and extend to a new generation of fans eager to exemplify the values which have brought James to the heights of elite sport and athletic performance. We are proud to have James as a member of the C+L Team.

Champions + Legends is proud to partner with James because of his dedication to excellence and his champion’s mindset. His career wasn’t a straight shot to the top ranks of the NFL. He worked for and earned all of his successes, enduring and eventually overcoming multiple physical injuries and other setbacks to become a proven leader on and off the field.


Jay has starred in multiple TV shows including HBO’s Ballers, and The League on FX. In 2015, he hosted the season finale of Wicked Tuna for National Geographic.
 Jay’s gym called Unbreakable, which is home to the foundation, was named the “Most Elite Gym in America” by Yahoo Health because of its top of the line trainers, equipment, clientele, and philosophies.

Jay Glazer has two decades of proven history of breaking the biggest news in the NFL. He is the NFL’s top insider, providing the latest information on the biggest stories each week as a contributor to FOX NFL SUNDAY and THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.

In addition to his football work, Jay has become a big name in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) as a trainer and broadcaster. He is a host for Bellator on the Paramount Network and previously had a similar role for the UFC on FOX.


Born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland, Thor demonstrated athletic promise from a young age. A standout basketball player in his teens, Thor would go on to play for several semi-professional teams in Iceland until an ankle injury forced him to retire at age 20. At 6’ 9” and over 400 pounds, Thor knew he had the drive and physical prowess to succeed as an athlete, but it wasn’t until a chance meeting with legendary Icelandic Strongman Magnus Ver Magnusson in 2008 that the idea began to take shape. Ver Magnusson recognized Thor’s potential as a strongman and mentored him as he took up training for what was still a fledgling, but growing sport.

Champions + Legends is proud to welcome World’s Strongest Man Thor “The Mountain” Björnsson (@thorbjornsson ) to our team. In May 2020 Thor achieved a world record deadlift by hoisting 1,104.5 pounds (501 kilograms) off the ground. Thor’s next challenge requires tremendous versatility as he pivots to boxing in anticipation of an upcoming match against fellow strongman Eddie “The Beast” Hall. Champions + Legends is proud to partner with Thor as he continues to push himself to the limits as he takes names and smashes records.