Diesel hemp

Diesel Hemp

A new wave of high-end Hemp products, ignited by the OG strain, Abacus Diesel™.

Diesl HempAbacus™

Abacus Diesel™ comes from the original Abacus™ cultivar and was created in 2019 by Colorado CBD Seed™, our sister company. Abacus™ originates from Humbolt County, and we are responsible for bringing it to market in 2017. After years of breeding with and stabilizing the original Abacus™ cultivar, Abacus Diesel™ was born. It is a phenotype that was meticulously selected for its specific terpene profile that gives Diesel its intense gaseous aroma.  

Abacus’™ lineage is OG Kush x Purple Urkle x Landrace Hemp. After years of backcrossing and growing out phenotypes, Abacus Diesel™ was created and chosen for the overwhelming gas terpene profile. Abacus Diesel™ has a higher percentage of terpenes and a different terpene profile than the original Abacus™. Diesel Abacus™ is a proprietary cultivar of Diesel Hemp™ that was created and brought to market by us and is the inspiration behind our entire brand. 

Diesel hemp

CEO & Co-Founder of Diesel Hemp™

Marc has been a cannabis cultivator of 25+ years and oversees the breeding and cultivar selection for the Diesel Hemp line.


Natalie, originally from Pittsburgh, PA has lived out west for almost 20 years.

With deep roots in the natural products industry, Natalie has studied herbal medicine for over 15 years, 5 of them in the Hemp industry. She has built, managed, and directed production labs. created dietary supplements, herbal formulas, and has brought 8 product lines to market.

Natalie is the Co-Founder of HempMy Pet™. and specializes in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Natalie is responsible for obtaining the first USDA organic certification for a Hemp crop in the US in 2015 (for a company which Marc was the founder of and she was Director of Quality Assurance).

Natalie’s intense love and knowledge of plants and herbal medicine have led her to create the Diesel Hemp™ vision and product line that promises to be a new and invigorating take on Hemp products.


Born and raised in rural Illinois, Graham developed a love for being outside and working with plants early on.

Graham pursued his degree in Forestry Sciences, but It wasn’t until he started cultivating Cannabis that he found his true calling. Graham spent years in the commercial marijuana industry honing his horticultural skills and learning all there is to know about this amazing plant.

Graham is extremely proficient in Cannabis cultivation, breeding, living soil, microbes, IPM (integrated pest management) and organic growing practices.

Graham has taken our grow operations to the next level, and does not settle for anything less than the absolute best when it comes to the plants and products that we produce.


Mark’s love for cannabis goes back many years but started professionally at a laboratory supply company. Here he acquired a vast knowledge of cannabis extraction equipment and techniques which he has applied to both the marijuana and hemp industries. 

Mark has experience in hydrocarbon, solventless, CO2, and alcohol extraction, but specializes in post-processing.  He has certifications in fractional distillation as well as cannabinoid chemistry and CBD isolation. He has a keen eye for detail and is devoted to making the highest quality extracts.  

After 5 years of industry experience, Mark has found that terpenes are his true passion, so much so that he even named his dog Terp! Mark’s vast knowledge of chemistry and scientific methodologies are what make his extraction techniques and our concentrates, some of the best around.

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The mission

The mission of Diesel Hemp™ is to share our passion through the boutique, high-end products that we produce ourselves. Our Cultivar-specific product line derived from our in-house bred and grown, proprietary cultivars are truly unique and rare. Our products are NOT made by someone else, our Hemp is NOT bred, grown or produced by anyone else, as we are truly a vertically integrated company, with 100% control over our supply and quality.


Integrity is paramount to us, and it is reflected in each product and the way we choose to do things everyday. Our hope is that you experience the curated and purposeful intention as the passion seeps out of each product. Enjoy.

— Marc and Natalie, Founders of Diesel Hemp™

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