On-boarding onto The CBD Store Platform

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  • Buy buttons for each SKU
  • Category
  • Page (we tell your story)
  • News Letter Inclusion (announcement)

💲On-boarding fee $300 to $1000

To be listed in The CBD Store 

  • On-boarding up to 4 skus $300.00  
  • On-boarding up to 7 skus $600.00   
  • On-boarding up to 10 skus $600.00   
  • On-boarding up to 15 skus $1,000.00
Thanks for reaching out to us about carrying (your BRAND) in The CBD Store…  thecbdstore.co
We are Green Globe Inc registered in the sate of Washington.  We use Squareup, and T1 as our merchant account platforms. We use WP-Engine, WordPress + Woocommerce = 7X24X365 (guaranteed uptime)
Start Date by way of Go Daddy.com Selling CBD Online…  Dec 20 2013. Whois Link www.cbdstore.co today this domain is informaitonal only. 
A little about us: with going on 6 years of selling CBD online, we’ve amassed a huge customer list, a great google and overall SEO ranking, and an active user volume of over 16k a month. People find us by way of organic searches.
The CBD StoreLeafly article, points to The CBD Store as a choice for consumers in buying CBD Online. Thanks Leafly! 
How to buy CBD oil online: 8 tips you should know

As you might imagine, we get approached by multiple brands on a daily basis asking to be listed on our site.  So, in order to recruit the best brands for our customers and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship, we require the brands we work with to meet the eligibility criteria below and to pay an affordable fee for membership on our site (also below). 
Once your brand is up and running on our site, you’ll also be able to use our additional advertising services, which are very reasonably priced (see below). If you’ve done any shopping around for ad space or promotions, you’ll know that our prices are a STEAL and that many mainstream advertising platforms don’t accept CBD ads. 
Here are the details:
Eligibility criteria
  1. Documented evidence of the compliance of your products with all applicable state and federal laws 
  2. Authentic Certificates of Analysis from third-party labs that include cannabinoid profile, and preferably pesticide, metal, and microbial profiles on a batch basis (we can provide contacts to labs that do this if you would like)
  3. One full-size sample of each SKU (every variation, including all flavors, sizes, and concentrations) for accurate product representation to customers
  4. Professional product images and descriptions provided by you for site build-out; product images must include full product labels
  5. Drop-ship agreement (you ship your products directly to our customers)
  6. 50% discount off your retail price (you pass along shipping costs to us)
2020 Green Globe Inc Services 

💲On-boarding fee $300 to $1000

  • Buy buttons for each SKU
  • Category
  • Page (we tell your story)
-a monthly subscription fee of $25
Additional advertising services (only available to our monthly subscribers):
-email blasts $200 (20k+ customer list)
-triggered front page chats directing visitors to your brand page $100 per week
-social media posts $50/each
-brand banner on front page $500 and additional 5% off MSRP (this will get you over 7k “warm” impressions/month)
-brand placement of your choosing (other than a front page) $100/month
-listing on cbdstore.co $50, listing with backlink $75
Unlike cannabis and hemp advertising platforms that serve as a general catch-all for audiences interested in cannabis at large, our visitors come to our site with the intent to buy CBD. No one else can deliver that kind of exposure for your brand. 
If you’re interested in further discussing how we can partner, let’s set up a time to talk over the phone.

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Have a great one!
Scott Salisbury
Scott Salisbury 
🌿🌱 Founder 

Scott.Salisbury@CBDStore.co (Cell phone… 253 221 9051)

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