Bella Petite Sparkling hemp Sangria


Bella Petite Hemp CBD Sangrias

After blending the finest ingredients we remove all of the alcohol with the most advanced technology available to make a delicious low carb, low calorie, low sugar alternative to sodas and sugary fruit drinks. Then the best part is we infuse this amazing sparkling delight with the finest nanotechnology hemp-derived CBD on the planet! NO THC. This new alternative beverage gives you all of the natural antioxidants in the wine and all of the amazing benefits of the world’s finest CBD. The best of both worlds, low calorie, delicious and no THC, it doesn’t get any better than this!

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bella petite sparkling hemp Sangria

Bella Petite Sparkling hemp Sangria. 0% Alcohol

What cannabinoids are in Bella’s products?    

Our wines contain CBD, CBDA and CBC and some 2020 SKU’s w CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN and CBC

Sparkling Red Sangria

Traditional red wine blend with the perfect amount of oranges, berries and Mediterranean fruits and a warm cinnamon finish. 100% bioavailability of natural hemp-based CBD nanoemulsion. Bella Petite Sparkling CBD Sangrias are made from the finest California wines blended to perfection with a sparkling finish.

By removing all of the alcohol we remove the sugar, carbs, and calories leaving the natural grape antioxidants and full body flavors. Then, the most state-of-the-art nanoemulsion technology is used to infuse this delicious drink with natural hemp-based CBD. This new healthy drink is less than 35 calories per 12oz serving and an alternative to sodas and sugary fruit drinks.

Delicious healthy alternative to sodas and sugary fruit drinks

Low sugar, low carbs & calories with the finest Hemp CBD infusion

only 35 calories per serving, packed full of all the antioxidants in red wine and broad spectrum CBD

Quality ingredience and superior science

California’s finest grapes infused with state of the art nano hemp infusion

The nsparkling sangriaext generation of adult beverages, alcohol free Hemp CBD

Private reserve

Join our secret society wine club and enjoy very special limited addition products and events!

A Tradition of Taste

We founded Bella Petite on our love of quality food and wine. Using our experience in wine and food communities, we curate a unbelievable selection for our customers.

Mission of Caring

When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities and healthy beverage alternatives. Interested in learning more about the practices behind your purchases? Get in touch! We have answers. 

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