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CBG (Cannabigerol) is known and sometimes considered as the “stem cell cannabinoid” as it has the ability to convert either into THC or CBD.  This highly sought after cannabinoid has been growing exceedingly popular due to its hierarchy in the cannabinoid chain as well as the minute percentages in each plant.


Take 50 mg on an empty stomach or mix 50 mg with your favorite CBD oil.







  • U.S. Patented Extraction Technology
  • Awarded “Best CBD Capsules” – CBD EXPO
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • GMP Certified


Your health and your quality of life are very important, especially in a non-regulated industry where harmful products are being sold nationwide.

We believe that every CBD company should openly share the following (at least):

  • Overall Product Consumption Safety (Certifications)
  • Employee Transparency (Who Is Running The Company)
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Extraction Method
  • Product Certificates of Analysis (Third-Party Labs)
  • Quality of Product As Well As The Ingredients

Transparency must be demanded in the CBD industry and that’s why we’ve created this page for you.

#1 “SEED TO SHELF“. We have hands and eyes on our
product from the beginning (the seed) until it reaches the
shelf (final product).



#3 Our products are manufactured in a Certified Health & Safety Compliant Facility in Colorado


#4 U.S. Patented Extraction Technology (organic ethanol).  Our method has PROVEN its ability to extract much higher cannabinoid percentages in comparison to Supercritical CO2 (CBD industry’s standard extraction method).


#5 We infuse all of our CBD oils with organic NON-GMO MCT oil derived from coconuts. Here’s why…”MCT” stands for medium-chain triglyceride and is much smaller in size in comparison to the common LCT.


When we infuse CBD molecules with MCT oil, our CBD oil is able to travel directly from the stomach to the liver without requiring any extra energy. In fact, MCT is almost instantly converted to clean/natural energy for your body.


CBD Companies who do NOT use MCT’s in their oils will, unfortunately, cause the body to spend extra energy on digestion as well as lose a very high amount of undigested CBD and other phytocannabinoids.


#6 We remove all stems and seeds by hand from our Hemp Cherry cultivars This extends our manufacturing process about 2 hours per 1 pound of hemp.



Executive Staff With:

  • 15+ years of Cannabis/Hemp/CBD experience
  • 10+ Years of Professional Medical Experience (MD + MMJ Doctor)
  • 4+ Years of CBD/Hemp Compliance Consulting Experience
  • 5+ years of Certified Personal Health & Fitness Training Experience
  • 14+ Years of Pharmaceutical as well as Organic/All-Natural Herbal Extract Product Formulation Experience.

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