MCT Oil, Hemp Extract, Organic Chocolate Mint Flavor| Olive Oil (Organic Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors)
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Extract

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Charlottes Web (CW) Botanicals CBD MCT Oil – 1500mg Original Formula – FREE SHIPPING!

CW Botanicals is NOW MAKING this concentration available!

This 1-ounce bottle of CBD Oil Drops has 1500mg of CBD.  Each drop has approximately 3mg of CBD.

You probably know and trust the name.  Charlottes Web CW Botanicals CBD MCT Oil is one of the best selling CBD Oil Drops on the market.  It is so popular partly because of its name, partly because of its great taste, and partly because people have used it speak highly of its results.


NOTE:  Please know that due to the extreme popularity of CW Botanicals CBD products, there can sometimes be a delay of a few days in getting orders shipped out.  As soon as your order ships, you will receive a tracking notification.  We strive to fill all orders within 2-3 days.

The Name:  CW Botanicals came about through the creation of a strain of medical marijuana that was naturally high in cannabidiol (CBD), but low in THC.  It became very popular in the medical marijuana communities for its reported health benefits. But, medical marijuana is not legal in all states.  So, CW Botanicals developed their strain into a strain of hemp.  And, so now, you can get the same high quality genetics in a hemp strain that IS LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES.

The Taste: Rather than infusing the CBD into hemp oil, CW Botanicals has infused their CBD into MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil), so it tastes better and not so “hempy”.  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available for those who prefer a natural taste.

The Results:  Unfortunately, we cannot make any claims as to what CBD can do for your health.  However, many others have reported very favorable results.  For more info, you have to do your own research.

Charlottes Web (CW) Botanicals CBD MCT Oil – 1500mg Original Formula – FREE SHIPPING!

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