Pearl CBD Lotion (FS) Full Spectrum


Main Ingredients: CBD (from Full-Spectrum), Aloe Vera
Other Ingredients: Glycerine, Lexemul 561, Lexemul AS, EGMS, IPM, Spectrastat, Stearyl Alcohol, Sweet Almond Oil, Phenostat, Silicone, Eucalyptus, Demineralized Water, Terpenes

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Pearl CBD Lotion (FS) Full Spectrum

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Revitalize your skin with our specialized CBD Lotion with Aloe. You can be confident in the quality of our Full Spectrum, whole-hemp plant-derived oil to moisturize and nourish your skin. This pharma-grade lotion is designed to move CBD past the natural barriers of the skin, straight to the areas you need it most.

  • Our Full Spectrum CBD <0.3% THC is derived from organically grown hemp at our USA farm. We do not ever use CBD isolate or lower quality hemp from conventional or overseas farms.
  •  Our products are non-GMO, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and packaged in BPA-free containers at our USA FDA approved laboratory.
  •  All products contain NFC digital tags so you can see exactly where your product came from, how it was tested, and what it contains.


Using CBD lotion may help soothe and revitalize your skin. CBD lotion is designed to permeate your skin and nourish the areas that need it the most. PearlCBD’s moisturizing lotion has a refreshing, herbaceous scent. Many of our users report feeling it helps their skin with anti-aging, improving circulation, and even soreness and pain relief.

Our cannabidiol lotion is infused with aloe vera, helping to soothe and calm your skin. Our products are made from full-spectrum CBD oil, derived from organically grown hemp plants here in the USA. Each of our CBD lotions are in-house and third-party tested, and we never test on animals.


Applying CBD lotion is easy! Unlike our ingestible CBD products, you can massage CBD lotion directly into clean, dry skin as needed. In this way, the CBD is easily absorbed by the skin, directly where it is needed. Like typical body lotion, you can apply this product to all areas of your body, as much as you’d like in a day to get moisture and relief for your dry and even sensitive skin. Each 4 fl oz (120 ml) bottle contains a potent 1000 mg of our hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD, so a little goes a long way.


With the variety of options available for CBD consumption, one may be wondering if CBD lotion is the best product for you.

One of the reasons our customers say they like using the CBD lotion is because of its ability to provide moisture and relief to your skin in a short period of time. While you can also ingest CBD, using it in topical form can be more effective in targeting specific parts of the body. For people who apply lotion to their skin daily, for example after their morning shower, replacing it with our CBD lotion can be a great way to incorporate CBD into their existing routine. Our CBD lotion is gentle on the skin, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

Some of our customers have said they like using CBD lotion because it’s easy to travel with and use throughout your day. Whether you’re at the office and need to moisturize your skin or want to throw it in your gym bag for a post-workout refresher, the CBD lotion is a great addition to your daily necessities.

When your skin is in need of intense moisture, PearlCBD is proud to offer the highest quality CBD lotion on the market. Order online today!


Pearl NFC technology

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pearl the cbd store



The CBD Store 

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NFC Tech

This Entrepreneur Calls NFC-Embedded Labels 

‘The Future of Packaging’ When It Comes to Clarification About Cannabis Or Any Product

Pearl NFC technology

The CBD Store

“The most important thing in the world is that people know what they’re putting into their body, onto their body, and this has never been done before with CBD or THC,” cannabis entrepreneur Danny Davis declares with passion.


“If there is any industry that needs more transparency, clarity, education and [the ability to demonstrate] authenticity, it is cannabis and CBD,” continues Davis, who is founder and CEO of Origin Labs, Inc.


Last week, Origin put its money where its mouth is with the roll-out of its new brand PearlCBD, offering a sleekly packaged, hemp-derived lotion, cream, oil tincture and capsules. The roll-out would have been just one more CBD line entering an already-crowded market except for the NFC tags embedded in the brand’s label


NFC use is still a rarity in the industry — though TONIC, which makes hemp-derived CBD wellness products, announced in early December that it had teamed with tech company Blue Bite to embed interactive technology in its labels, too.


Davis, meanwhile, has moved to patent his technology, which enables users to access manufacturer database product information embedded into product labels.


NFC stands for “near-field communication” and describes technology that allows two devices, one usually a mobile phone, to communicate. It’s been used for “experiential shopping,” payment processing and airline boarding passes. But now a wide spectrum of companies are jumping in – Johnnie Walker just announced such a move last week.


More and more, NFC is standard equipment on mobile phones too: the iPhone, starting with the iPhone 7, and Androids, starting with the Galaxy 8, all have NFC capability.


According to Davis, who was interviewed from CES where he was promoting the licensing of his technology, the “PearlCBD experience” is threefold:  First, the customer taps the product’s label, which activates a phone message “Do you want to enable the PearlCBD experience?” A “yes” response prompts a verification that the product is indeed an Origin Labs product, and includes its batch number.


pearl the cbd store

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Our CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, maximizing the “Entourage Effect” necessary for effectiveness while ensuring no psychoactive effects


None of our products contain genetically modified ingredients, ensuring purity across our entire line


Our FDA registered lab adheres to the highest standards and best practices, ensuring a pharma-grade product line revolutionary to the CBD industry


Our hemp is organically grown and free of pesticides, chemicals, and toxins


Our products contain no animal products of any kind and are cruelty-free/ not tested on animals


Our hemp farms are located in Colorado and we never import hemp from overseas


We contract a third-party lab to test all our products, ensuring a rigorous testing process that elevates our standards and ensures you are relying on products you can trust


Our CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, maximizing the “Entourage Effect” necessary for effectiveness while ensuring no psychoactive effects

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About Pearl CBD

Our lab adheres to the most stringent best practices and maintains the highest quality control standards, helping to ensure we are compliant when standardization does make its way to the industry. Our FDA-registered lab provides standardization now and compliance when industry standards and regulations come later.


PearlCBD is the first pharma-grade CBD brand of it’s kind, setting a new standard for the industry as a whole. Featuring organically grown hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD and manufactured in our FDA registered lab, our products feature the transparency of NFC digital tagging.


Simply tap your smartphone to any PearlCBD product label and the end-user will have instant access to batch test results, cultivation data, videos of our lab, educational content and more. This technology ensures our consumers have the transparency and knowledge they need to trust the safety and efficacy of our premium CBD products.


PearlCBD contains less than 0.3% THC, maximizing the “Entourage Effect” necessary for efficacy while ensuring no psychoactive reactions. Our full-spectrum CBD oil retains the hemp plant’s original terpenes and phytocannabinoids to deliver the best whole plant experience while maintaining federally legal. Our farms in Colorado grow organic without the use of added pesticides or chemicals, so you can be sure our topicals and ingestibles are as close to nature and pure as possible.


Our team of experts includes scientists, pharmacologists, Ph.Ds, M.D.s, and tenured hemp growers to ensure that our full spectrum products are grown, sourced, tested, filled, and packaged in accordance with the highest standards. Additionally, our FDA-registered lab manufactures in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). This adherence to higher standards and best practices ensures that you are getting the purest, best quality and most trusted CBD products on the market.


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