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Our CBD oil oral spray is the easiest option for those new to CBD oil or for those who want a quick and easy way to measure out a serving of hemp CBD. Coming in an array of sizes and flavors, our easy to use hemp oil spray bottle is simple as it is helpful:

1oz CBD Spray: 2 Sprays = 1 milligram of CBD.
2oz CBD Spray: 2 sprays = 3 milligrams of CBD.

But it’s not only the CBD that you get when you take a spray of hemp oil. The CBD comes in a full spectrum extract that’s made from all the aerial parts of the hemp plant. For every 3 milligrams of CBD, you’re also getting 33 more milligrams of hemp extract. Those extra 33 milligrams are what set our CBD product apart from the competition.

CBD is only one of the over 500 bioactive molecules you find in a typical well-made hemp extract. There’s also the minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBD. There are the terpenes that give the plants their rich smell and, when ingested, enhance how the cannabinoids work with our bodies. Then there are the fatty acids.

Our extracted hemp oil is thick and goopy because it’s loaded with the fatty acids from the plant. What many don’t know is that these fatty acids are not only the building blocks that the plant uses to produce its cannabinoids, those fatty acids are the same That’s why we’re proud to be using true hemp plants with a low percentage of full-spectrum CBD and a more balanced level of the other components, along with a rich backbone of the fatty acids.

That’s the level of quality that goes into every bottle of our CBD oral spray. Non-GMO. Vegetarian. Always third-party tested. Only safe and clean CO2 extraction methods used. Buy a bottle of our CBD Oil Spray today to see why we’re America’s favorite natural CBD company.

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1oz/100mg, 1.86oz/500mg, 2oz/500mg

4 reviews for Plus CBD Spray

  1. kylebsmith1988

    I’ve been using this for almost two years. The unflavored 500mg for anxiety before sleep and good sleep cause I have trouble sleeping due to anxiety! 3 squirts under tung from a min or so and boom 35 mins or so later I feel good and fall asleep with no tremors this product saved my life dude it got me off that bs xanax for sleep and anxiety. That stuff was destroying me thanks so much CBD plus you changed my life

    • Patrick Gomez (verified owner)

      We’re so happy to hear you love this product so much!

  2. joe.maxted

    I use the peppermint flavored 500 mg. It really has changed my life. I was addicted to benzodiazepines for anxiety, given to me by doctors! I went through hell to get off of them. I started using different cbd products and then I found cbd plus.. I knew immediately I found what I needed. Well I’m 2 years off the garbage pills the drs threw at me… I use 4 squirts, once or twice a day.. thank you cbd plus!!! I wish it was cheaper, but I will find a way to get it. One bottle last me about 2 months

  3. Lisa Strickland

    I’ve been using this for over a year for chronic migraines, the CBD oil along with Botox injections has really helped me. I went from over 20 migraine days a month to maybe 2 or less. This stuff is wonderful.

  4. Peter Esposito (verified owner)

    Best product I’ve found, hands down. Was on almost all the opioids (plus 6 aleve a day, booze and quarterly cortisone shots) for lower back back issues and after 15 years of pain I was ready to get operated on when my neck flared. Had 7 upper vertebrae fused and got on the rest of the opiods. Was starting to feel better and the lower back flared again. Had got off the oxy but the lower back was so bad I took a couple and was vomiting on them with no success painwise when the Plus CBD (then call hemp oil) arrived. Two sprays under the tongue, 5 minutes later the pain was gone; haven’t taken an aleve since. Absolute gift from heaven! Have recommended this for others who have similar stories. Take a spray or two every morning and evening. Only problem is that it works so well I forget to take it, then the pain returns. Can’t beat that.

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